Additional PigCHAMP Software Applications

PigCHAMP Online Version 9 Download

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Client Hosted APP (CHA)

PigCHAMP Client Hosted APP (CHA) is a set of software components that allows the PigCHAMP Mobile APP installed on Android or iOS to communicate with a locally hosted PigCHAMP installation.


Client Hosted APP Installation Guide

Download - Client Hosted Setup


PigCHAMP to PICTraq User Guide

The interface between PigCHAMP and PICTraq is to simplify and eliminate the need to enter or import event data into your PICTraq account. This newly designed licensed feature will automatically upload specific event details via an internet connection directly to PICTraq while entering data into PigCHAMP.

Please contact your PIC Genetic Services Representative to get log in information.

For additional information on how to license this feature please contact PigCHAMP Sales:

PigCHAMP to PICTraq User Guide