PigCHAMP Grow-Finish Features

Make precise decisions today:

  • View reports with ­finishing information on a daily basis - no need to wait until your groups are completed to see how your operation is performing.
  • Manage feed budgets, rations, and invoices.
  • Keep track of feed bin inventory as well as ration changes in groups.
  • Break down all expenses by group, farm or individual pig.
  • Monitor medication inventories and withdrawal periods.

Analyze results:

  • Compare subdivisions, groups or whole farm progress, productivity, and profitability.
  • Easily share this information with staff, veterinarians or nutritionists by email or exporting data to Excel.

Plan for tomorrow:

  • Plan for group placement days, weeks or months in advance.
  • Sales planning reporting projects timing of sales shipments.

Flexible and easy-to-use

  • Uses a familiar windows-based interface and a simple tree-view navigation.
  • Customizable data entry fields and reports give you the information important to your farm business.
  • Built-in data validation prevents data entry errors.
  • Improve efficiency and reduce keying errors with the Packer Data Import and Feed Import features.
  • Can be set up in a networked environment and allows for multiple users.
  • Can be used from anywhere you have internet access using PigCHAMP Online - from your phone, tablet, or laptop computer.
  • PigCHAMP staff can help you install, set-up and get started.
  • Dedicated customer support available online and by phone.

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