September 2020 Newsletter
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    September 2020

    Virtual Swine Conference

    We are currently attending Leman Swine Conference September 21 thru September 22. With continued COVID concerns, this year Leman is virtual. If you signed up to be an attendee, please stop by our booth and speak to our representatives about our new product Client Hosted Application, also known as CHA!


    Donna and Hailey also had the pleasure of attending Carthage Virtual Swine Conference on September 1. Even though this was a virtual event, they still had the opportunity to attend different seminars held by many swine industry professionals.

    We thank both organizations for their hard work and dedication as they work behind the scenes.

    To find out if we will be attending more virtual or physical events, click the Learn More button below or like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for updates.

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    Putting Pork in Pantries

    Tips and Tricks

    Earlier this year, PigCHAMP made a donation to the Lynch Family Foundation "Putting Pork in Pantries". With the support of many local organizations, they were able to hit their goal of donating 250,000 lbs of pork to food banks and pantries across the state of Iowa and SW Minnesota.

    We are so grateful as a company to help support local efforts.


    Leman Swine Conference

    September 19-22, 2020

    Setting Production Targets

    Production targets are used to set goals and report comparisons of actual results versus targeted production for the farm.

    By default, PigCHAMP has set pre-determined target values based on PigCHAMP Benchmark averages and legacy programs. The default target values can be maintained or edited to fit your operation. PigCHAMP software gives you the ability to set and define specific settings and targets for each individual farm that reflects your organization’s standards.

    Your farm targets can be adjusted at any time to reflect any necessary changes that occur in production.

    To set targets within the program, go to the Farms tab >> Targets and Other Settings.


    Tips and Tricks

    A report that can be used to manage farm and production targets is the Performance Trend Analysis. For more reports like this one, click the image above to take you to our website.

    2021 - 1,000 Calendars Coming Soon

    We have received many questions about our 2021 - 1,000 day calendars. They are currently still in the production process but should be ready to go in the next few weeks. We will keep you posted and let you know when you can request your copy.


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