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 Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Leman Swine Conference
Sept 14 - 17

Alberta Livestock Expo
Oct 9 - 10


Have question? We've got answers

Have questions? We've got answers.

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New Customers 

Welcome to
New and Returning Customers!

Thrasher Farms - MO/USA

Estrela da Beira - Portugal

Francisca Sainz Saina - Mexico

Jose Tomas Vazques - Mexico

Granja La Providencia - Mexico

Granja Porcina las Pulgas - Mexico

Granja Ribeli - Mexico

Porkino SA - Argentina

SAT Rienda de Artieda - Spain

Masan Nutri Science - South Vietnam

Win Productions - IL/USA

Newton Farms - Canada

Tebu Consult Invest - Romania

Ewelme Colony - Canada

Jack Mountain Pork - PA/USA

Lisa Danforth - GA/USA


September 2019

Seeking Alpha Testers

Tips and Tricks

It is recommended by our support staff that you frequently make
backups of your PigCHAMP database to ensure your data is safe and secure. In Version 7.6.0, we have enabled a feature that will automatically backup your database when you exit the program.

PigCHAMP how-to: Turn on Automated Backups

For more how-to videos, check out our YouTube channel.

1,000 Day Calendars Available for 2020

PigCHAMP now has 2020 - 1,000 Day calendars available for you! If you are interested in receiving some please let us know the number of calendars you'd like, your name, and mailing address to

We still have plenty of 2019 calendars as well if anyone is still interested in receiving those.

Upcoming Shows

Donna and Jayne will be attending Leman Swine Conference on September 14th through the 17th.

Our allied business partner, John Wiebe from EastGen, will be attedning the Alberta Livestock Expo on October 9th and 10th.

To find out if we will be at an event near you, check out our Events Calendar or like us on your favorite social media platforms. 

PigCHAMP Tech Corner

Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 operating systems will be end of life in January of 2020 (Microsoft).

This means that those of you still on these operating systems will no longer receive software updates from Microsoft. Come January 2020, PigCHAMP will no longer test on nor support these operating systems. We cannot guarantee that new builds of PigCHAMP software will continue to work on these operating systems.

We recommend that you update to Windows 10 to avoid any delay with your program.

SQL 2005 No Longer Supported

If you have recently attempted to update your program to Verison 7.6.0 of PigCHAMP while using SQL 2005, please be aware SQL 2005 is no longer supported with this version. For more details on how to update SQL 2005, follow the link.

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