October 2016 Newsletter
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Have questions? We've got answers.

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New Customers 

Welcome to
New Customers

Granja san Antonio CB, Spain
Sanders Farm, Arkansas
SAT Rafol, Spain
Ingaso, Spain

Welcome Back

Widmer Pork, Minnesota
Midwest Farms, Colorado

October 2016

Happy Pork Month!

It's Pork Month and we think that's worth celebrating! We've been posting Fun Facts on Twitter and some of our favorite pork recipes on the website. Have a recipe you think we should share? Send them to us and they just might make the list!

Pork Month 

Thanks for all you do for the pork industry, not only in October, but all year long!

Tips and Tricks Videos

Tips and Tricks this month highlights two of the upgrade features from our latest list of enhancements.

PigCHAMP Reproductive 5.6.0 Upgrade - Batch Gilt Made Available

Batch Gilt Made Available


PigCHAMP Grow-Finish 5.6.0 Upgrade - Import Feed or Packer Data

Batch Gilt Made Available

Want to view more videos related to different upgrade features? Check out the playlists on our YouTube Channel!

Have you Upgraded to Version 5.6.0 yet?

In September, we announced the launch of PigCHAMP Version 5.6.0. You should have received the email with the announcement and download instructions. If you didn't receive the information go to the link below to find the instructions and complete the download. Then, reply to this email so we can make sure you're properly entered into our database.

Go to this page to find everything you'll need: 

Youtube Linkedin a Farms.com company