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 Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Prarie Livestock Expo
Winnipeg, MB
December 12, 2018


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Have questions? We've got answers.

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Smalstreep Boerdery - South Africa

Taisugar NAN JING - Taiwan

Prolepor, Spain

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November 2018

Tips and Tricks

At PigCHAMP, we're always working to bring you the best in swine management software. With each version of the PigCHAMP program that we release, there are new features and upgrades added. We have made a number of enhancements to Version 6.6.0.

Trace List Summary

trace list


PigCHAMP's Donna Hover attended the 2018 OPORPA conference in Mexico on October 17th - 18th in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. 

At this conference, she teamed up with our Allied Business Partner, SisPro Inc. to discuss the benefits of the PigCHAMP software suite to swine producers across Mexico. 

1,000 Day Calendars Now Available for 2019!

PigCHAMP now has 2019 - 1,000 Day calendars available for you! If you are wanting to get these, send your name, mailing address, and number of calendars you want to

Grow-Finish Benchmarking Data

You know us for our top-of-the-line Reproductive Benchmarking data. We are now looking to offer our Grow-Finish customers the same quality and service in 2019!

We are exploring our options in giving you the best Grow-Finish data we can, but we need your help! On November 8th, we requested grow-finish customers, via email, to submit their data for this trial period. Please export your PCDF files, or any questions you have, to

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