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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Our office will be
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for the Easter Holiday. 


Have question? We've got answers

Have questions? We've got answers.

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New Customers 

Welcome to
New Customers

Legumbres Trillo, Spain

Juan Ramon Davids, Mexico

Porcicola San Ignacio, Mexico

Zoe El Rayo, Spain

Ganadera Garlo, Spain

Tibben Farms, Canada

Memorial Univ of Newfoundland, Canada

Bloxslea Farms, Canada




March 2017

Happy National Ag Week!


We're proud to celebrate National Ag Week today and every day! Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into being a part of such an important industry. 

Tips and Tricks

PigCHAMP Reproductive how-to:
Female Location to Location Movement

This video shows you how the female location to location movement in PigCHAMP Reproductive can save you time and effort by moving all individuals or groups from a certain location at one time.

Click on the images below to watch the videos.

PigCHAMP Reproductive how-to: Female Location to Location Movement

PigCHAMP Grow-Finish how-to: 
Death Loss Analyis Report

This video shows you how to use the Death Loss Analysis to keep track of pig deaths in PigCHAMP Grow-Finish. The report will detail the main cause of death, age at which the pigs were lost, number euthanized and, our newest feature, deaths by operator, all within the selected time frame.

PigCHAMP Grow-Finish how-to: Death Loss Analysis Report

Want to view more videos related to other PigCHAMP features? Check out the playlists on our YouTube Channel!

2016 Benchmarking Data

The 2016 Benchmarking data is now available on our website.
View the data broken down quarterly, or check out the year-end summary. Want more information about our Benchmarking program? Follow this link or email us to learn more!  

AASV Annual Meeting

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