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 Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Story County Youth Cook Off
July 21

Carthage Pork Seminar
Aug 27

PigCHAMP Office Closed
September 2 (Labor Day)

Leman Conference
Sept 14-17


Have question? We've got answers

Have questions? We've got answers.

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AD Trollip h/a Trollip Boerdery - South Africa

Green Breeder Sdn Bhd - Malaysia


July 2019

Website Redesign

PigCHAMP is excited to present the launch of our updated website at www.pigchamp.com. We've refreshed the look and reorganized the layout to make it easier to navigate. 

As you can see we have added a new tab to the main page called "Downloads". This will allow customers to access program downloads quickly and find necessary documentation faster.

Please feel free to explore the new site and share your feedback with our team.

Proof Is In The Numbers!

As you know, one great value that PigCHAMP software offers is quality data.  We hear time-and-time again, from new and returning customers, that information from their previous software is not accurate. Important production numbers, such as non-productive days or pigs/sow/year, are not correct on their reports. Production numbers may look better but do they reflect the farm’s real performance? How can intelligent decisions for swine business be made without the true information?

With PigCHAMP’s data validation and accurate herd analysis, based on NPPC industry-wide production calculations, stakeholders have real production knowledge. PigCHAMP returns value with quality performance and production information to you the swine producer.

Proof Is In the Numbers!

PigCHAMP Mobile Application

The PigCHAMP Mobile Application allows for remote data entry of PigCHAMP Reprodictive information while providing reporting functionality and validation to users. This phone or tablet app, allows users to interact directly with PigCHAMP Online via an internet connection.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact our sales team at sales@pigchamp.com or (866) 774-4242 Ext 27

Version 7.6.0 Build Update

PigCHAMP has released the newest software update for Version 7.6.0! Upgrade to the latest and greatest by clicking here

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