July 2017 Newsletter
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New Customers 

Welcome to
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Agronatura, Spain

Armoed Familie Trust, South Africa

Jabugo S de RL, Mexico

Suiniarrife, Spain

Porcikowi S.A. de C.V., Mexico

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Wayne Community College, North Carolina



July 2017

Tips and Tricks

In this months Tips and Tricks section, we're highlighting
the Seach and Edit Function which allows users to
search for a specific event, including pig or group identification, and then view and edit the history accordingly. 

PigCHAMP Reproductive how-to: Search and Edit Function

Search and Edit Repro

PigCHAMP Grow-Finish how-to: Search and Edit Function

Search and Edit GF

Want to view more videos related to other PigCHAMP features? Check out the playlists on our YouTube Channel!

Connecting the Dots

Each spring, PigCHAMP publishes our Benchmark Magazine which highlights our yearly Benchmarking summary report along with articles written by swine industry leaders. This year, our authors focused on the value of using multiple data sources to help create the big picture for your operation. 

You can read the 2017 edition along with the previous 10 Benchmark Magazines on our website. 

Benchmark Magazine 2017

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New Product Tour Update

We shared with you last month about having the honor of being a finalist for the New Product Tour at World Pork Expo. The up-and-coming Knowledge Center will provide web-based access to Benchmarking stats and rankings, Statistical Process Control (SPC) charting, and dashboard guages.

To read more about the Knowledge Center and the
other contest finalist, follow this link to the National Hog Farmer website.

Learn more by viewing our product sheet here

Knowledge Center


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