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January 2020
Sow Cards
Seeking Alpha Testers

How powerful is your sow card’s data?

The sow card is a report card with a summary of the most significant data in a sow’s history including lifetime averages. Here are a few items that can be included on the standard sow card: Event Date with data for those dates; Bar Codes; Colored Dot on card for sows that have a repeat service; Female Flags; Action Date; SPI (BVSP); Reproductive Cull Flag; information on last 5 parities; Notes and many more. 

You also have several options on how you want to print your sow cards; two-sided; input format at bottom; larger Identity on bottom or back of card and more.

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Tips and Tricks

PigCHAMP has now added the option to run your Cohort Analysis by arrival date. Like the other cohort analysis reports, this report follows the gilts first productivity cycle based on the date the gilts were arrived and/or made available to the herd. Users will be able to analyze the cycle 1 service through the resulting wean. 

PigCHAMP how-to: Cohort Analysis

Want to view more videos related to other PigCHAMP features? Click the Learn More button below.

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Upcoming Events
Iowa Pork
January 22-23, 2020

Minnesota Pork
January 28-29, 2020
Ohio Pork
February 11-12, 2020
Missouri Pork
February 11-12, 2020
Welcome Stewart!

We are excited to welcome Stewart Damman as our new Software Application Developer. Stewart joined the team on January 6. Stewart will be responsible for designing and developing commercial enterprise software applications. He will work closely with the product and sales team, as well as, the team in India.

Before coming to PigCHAMP,  Stewart was a Software Development Manager for Danfoss in Ames, IA. There he led a team that created software to empower their customers to  apply, specify, price and order their products. We are so excited Stewart joined the team. We can't wait to see what this year holds for everyone!

Tech Bulletin
Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 operating systems will be end of life in January of 2020 (Microsoft).

This means that those of you still on these operating systems will no longer receive software updates from Microsoft. Come January 2020, PigCHAMP will no longer test on nor support these operating systems. We cannot guarantee that new builds of PigCHAMP software will continue to work on these operating systems.

We recommend that you update to Windows 10 to avoid any delay with your program.

SQL 2005 No Longer Supported
If you have recently attempted to update your program to Verison 7.6.0 of PigCHAMP while using SQL 2005, please be aware SQL 2005 is no longer supported with this version. For more details on how to update SQL 2005, follow the link.

Welcome New Customers


Los Guijares - Spain
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