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February 2024


Minnesota Pork Congress

February 13-14th


February 26-27th

Benchmark 2023 Recap

Be on the lookout for next months newsletter, highlighting end of year and 4th quarter Benchmark results.

As a recap we saw:

4th 2022 to 1st Quarter Comparison:

  • ↑ in liveborn/litter/year from 13.83 to 13.98
  • ↑ in female death rate from 12.72 to 14.18
  • ↑ weaned/litter/year from 11.37 to 11.95

1st to 2nd Quarter Comparison:

  • ↑ of pigs wean/mated female/year from 28.46 to 28.52
  • ↓ in our preweaning mortality from 13.83 to 13.2
  • ↓ in female death rate to 13.4 to 13.05

2nd to 3rd Quarter Comparison:

  • ↑ in average repeat rate from 5.71 to 7.32, an increase in %1.61
  • ↑ in female death rate from 14.59 to 15.82, an increase in %1.23
  • ↓ pigs weaned/ mated female/ year 28.24 to 27.87, a slight decrease in 0.37 pigs

PigCHAMP Program Update Available

Attention PigCHAMP Enterprise users, the newest build for version 9.7.1 is now available for you to download and to update your local database. To gain access to the latest update: click here

Some of the features available in version 9.7.1:

  • More selection options for batch treatment events
  • Gilt Management and Split Sex Availability
  • New functionality for the PigCHAMP Mobile App and Client Hosted Application (CHA)

We are looking for PigCHAMP Mobile beta testers for our upcoming product launches. If you are interested please reach out to: pcprojects@pigchamp.com

For additional feature enhancements please view our YouTube channel

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Fermsuin SRL- Romania

Carnicas Carlos Blanco- Spain

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