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Welcome to new customers!
Welcome to new customers!
Special welcome to
Hacienda La Marroquina – PigCHAMP's first customer in the Dominican Republic
El Haren - Spain
Grand Horizon Farms – Iowa, USA
Romgate Farms – Ontario, Canada
Sage Creek Group –  Manitoba, Canada
Hermanos de Prados Callejo Spain
Have question? We've got answers
Have questions? We've got answers
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  February 2015

Did you know?

PigCHAMP has a number of customizable features that allow you to collect, enter, track and analyze the data that is important to you and your business. In this Did You Know tutorial, we'll focus on how to add custom data items to data entry screens and some PigCHAMP reports - a feature unique to PigCHAMP called Data Item Management.

Data Item Management gives the user the ability to define what fields appear on screen, and the order in which they appear for each data entry event and create user-defined data entry fields.

Find out more in your products Help Files, on our FAQ webpage, or watch this youtube video.

PigCHAMP Mobile - the solution to saving time and money

In an independent trial, PigCHAMP Mobile was found produce significant savings in both time and money - time spent entering data was reduced by one-third, with an annual saving of $1.42 per sow. With added benefits like improvements in data accuracy and having real-time data available to make on-farm management decisions, using PigCHAMP Mobile is a great investment.

In this youtube video, hear why Alastair Bratton of Pinnacle Swine in Alberta, Canada likes PigCHAMP Mobile:

Find out more >

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