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April 2019

It's Time to Upgrade

PigCHAMP Version 7.6.0 is now available for download. If you haven't upgraded yet, you can go to our website to access the downloads.

Tips and Tricks

With each version of the PigCHAMP program that we release, there are new features and upgrades added. We have made a number of enhancements to Version 7.6.0. Click the image below to take you to Version 7.6.0 playlist.

Analyzing Sow Mortality 
Using Big Data

Sow mortality in North America has increased over the past several years as established in numerous publications.  PigCHAMP takes a look at issues related to Sow Mortality in North America between 2015 and 2017 using the PigCHAMP Knowledge Center Database across over 600,000 sows. 

The presentation given by Dr. Tom Gillespie, DVM, DABVP, Performance Health PC, illustrates and captures key points to further help the swine industry by focusing on specific aspects, i.e. period in the reproductive life of the sow, potential reasons for death, parity comparison, and other key indicators.

Presented by Dr. Tom Gillespie, DVM, DABVP at the 2019 AASV Conference held in Orlando, Florida.

Benchmark Magazine

Benchmark Magazine is published each spring to highlight the annual results of PigCHAMP's Benchmarking program. It also features news, commentary and articles of interest written by pork industry experts.

This years edition is called "It's a Small World"

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