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Upcoming Events

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Have questions? We've got answers.

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New Customers 

Welcome to
New and Returning Customers!

Gilt Edge Farms LLC, Illinois

United Animal Health Inc, Indiana 

Holmfield Colony, Manitoba 

Asociacion de Cooporcicultores, Colombia

CantaPez Avez & Pez, Ecuador

Illinois State University, Illinois

American Heritage Family Farm, Virginia

Gail Fernandez, Panama

Nutriganse, Spain

CHEN TAI, Taiwan

He-Fong, Taiwan

Yue-Ying, Taiwan


April 2018

Introducing PigCHAMP Mobile App

PigCHAMP is proud to announce the release of the PigCHAMP Mobile App; the latest in out handheld data entry systems. This new app allows for remote data entry of PigCHAMP Reproductive information while providing reporting functionality and validation to users in real-time. This phone or tablet app, allows users to interact directly with PigCHAMP Online via an internet connection.

PigCHAMP Mobile App

The PigCHAMP Mobile App offers a variety of unique features to its users including Bluetooth-enabled RFID functionality, barcode scanning using the camera on your device, and multi-device and user options. The app can be downloaded on Android products and iPhone or iPad.

For more information about our newest product, email us or call us toll-free at 866.774.4242 X23.


Jayne and Donna take on Taiwan!

For the last few weeks, Jayne and Donna have been busy training our newest business partners in Asia. They've even found some time to sightsee, eat new foods, and even attend a wedding! To see more photos of their trip, be sure to check out our blog!

Pictured above is Shih-Ping Chen, Gina, Sylvia, Jayne, Donna, Mike Wu, Paul at a lunch meeting. 

Allied Business Partner Highlight 

Each month we want to take the opportunity to highlight one of our Allied Business Partners who provide customer service, training, technical support, and product information to our customers in different regions of the U.S. and abroad. 


Ajaxsoft is one of our newest business partners based out of Taipei City, Taiwan. Michael and his team are excited to offer the PigCHAMP line of products to their customers and have been busy bringing a lot of customers on board in the few months that they've been partnered with us.

To find out more about Ajaxsoft and the products and services they offer to customers in Taiwan, 
visit their page on our website.

YouTube Channel Makeover

All of our videos have moved! The page is now better organized to help you find the video you're looking for. You can find product videos, how-tos, the newest features and upgrades, partnering interfaces and more! Be sure to subscribe to see new videos as they're posted. 

Subscribe to our new channel here!



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