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October 2019 Newsletter at a glance

National Pork Month

During the month of October, we celebrate National Pork Month.  October became known as Pork Month because it was the time of year when hogs traditionally went to market. Today we use it to celebrate pork producers, share their stories and of course try delicious pork recipes!

PigCHAMP Software Interfaces

Is your time valuable? Want to be more efficient in sending your herd’s information to your ESF or Genetic Improvement Systems?

Tips and Tricks

Tired of running individual reports each week or quarter? With PigCHAMP you can run report groups with a click of a button.

Tech Bulletin

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 operating systems will be end of life in January of 2020 (Microsoft). This means that those of you still on these operating systems will no longer receive software updates from Microsoft.

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