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February 2020 Newsletter at a glance

Closed Herd - Progeny Module

Do you have a closed herd and retain your own replacement gilts? Did you know that PigCHAMP has a Progeny Module that allows you to make breeding decisions on in-breeding co-efficients and sow pedigree information.

Tips and Tricks

PigCHAMP has added a Gilt Retention Report to Version 8. This new report takes a look at the retention rate based on the date the gilt was arrived and/or made available to the herd.

Upcoming Events

AASV 2020 Conference, March 7-10, 202
Office Closed - Good Friday, April 10, 2020
Montana Livestock Expo, April 16, 2020

Tradeshow Winners

Thank you to everyone that stopped by our booths at the 2020 winter pork shows. We had a great turn out and got to meet so many new people! During the show, we had a drawing for some awesome PigCHAMP prizes. We want to congratulate our winners...

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