PigCHAMP Products

Hear What PigCHAMP Users Are Saying

“We are a family run farm and have been using the PigCHAMP Grow-Finish program for almost a year now. We are starting to realize the amount of data that can be generated by this program and are amazed by it! Specifically, we are impressed with the shipping data - being able to track back, receiving concrete evidence on variables, such as semen or ration trials, creates potential for huge financial savings."

Angela Penner
Oak Lee Farm

"The main advantage (of PigCHAMP Mobile) is less corrections, less duplication, and actual real-time data on the farm ."

Alastair Bratton
Pinnacle Swine, Alberta

"PigCHAMP Mobile has saved me many an hour sitting in front of a computer, converting paper entries to our database."

John Corbett
Neufeld Farms, Alberta

"We find that it provides great value... we use the database and (the farm's) data to help us improve what's happening on the farm."

Sasha Gibson
Christensen Farms, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

"As far as someone else using PigCHAMP Online, I would encourage it. It is so much easier for data entry, getting the reports, getting the reports that you want, and getting the information to the barns that you want and for them to get the information to us so that we can enter the data correctly from the barn. It’s just that much easier with PigCHAMP.”

Manami Holmes
Butler Sow Farms, LLP

"What I like about PigCHAMP Online is, number 1, is that I don’t have to worry about the backups. And I don’t have to worry about any of the maintenance… upgrades; I don’t have to worry about that."

Debra Asmus
Snooters, Inc

Hear From App Users

In the fall of 2017, a handful of beta testers began using a mobile version of the PigCHAMP Reproductive application on their Apple or Android devices. This group used the Mobile App on a daily basis and provided feedback about the functionality and efficiency of the product.

“It is way easier to pull my phone out of my pocket and log events as I go through the barn. I believe this makes data entry more efficient because I am able to log things as I see them,” says Andrew Van Nurden, owner at L&A Farms in Morgan, Minnesota.

Users of the app can scan barcodes on such items as sow cards and automatically upload the information into the PigCHAMP system. The app is also compatible with Bluetooth-enabled RFID functionality, so users can work with ear tag sets and readers.

Users can quickly become familiar with the app, too.

“I was able to train my 60-year-old employee how to use the app in a matter of minutes. It seems to work well for her with very few issues,” says Van Nurden.

Precision record keeping has come a long way in a short time. Putting the power of real-time data in your pocket is just one way that we see precision pig production making strides towards the future.