A few bumps today related to data collection vs. best practice; here the team is discussing weaning events and what the best practice will be for recording their wean shipments directly to the nurseries with the farm staff. These types of discussions are so important to the success of an organization and the implementation of software. I must say it was super nice to be able to have all parties involved in the process from the controllers, data administrator, farm manager, production manager and veterinarians in the same room, it made the decision process so much easier.


japfa staff

I know I know enough about work ... time for food! On our way to dinner tonight, traffic was backed up so we took a detour. Little confession: I love it when this happens because I feel we are able to see the every day Vietnam and the way people live.

Alright, I've made you all wait long enough for the food. We found the Hickory Park of Ho Chi Minh City, Quán Ụt Ụt.

.. A love affair with pig and freshly brewed beer.