It was great attending NPIC Swine Conference as they celebrated their 25th anniversary! Some speakers talked on reflections of where the pork industry was 25 years ago, today and the path for the future. There was an abundance of opportunities to network with producers, vendors and influencers within this industry while attending meetings and seminars.

Message from Secretary of Agriculture

Secretary of Agriculture speaking at NPIC 2021


Approximately 950 participants attended

Audience at NPIC 2021


Real Pork branding and Mark Greenwood award

Real Pork branding at NPIC 2021 Mark Greenwood award being presented


Many great speakers and seminars

Slide from Presentation 'Can Animal Agriculture Save the Planet' presented by Jack Bobo, CEO Futurity Slide from Presentation 'Key Tips for Building a Successful Team' presented by Dr. Jim Pillen, DVM

Slide from Presentation presented by Compeer Financial Slide from Presentation presented by Compeer Financial about Communication


Jeffen Chen, VP Huanshan Group - 1st hand look at Chinese Pork Production

Slide from Presentation presented by Jeffen Chen, VP Huanshan Group about investors


Dr. Joe Connor – Carthage – Looking back 25 years and ahead 25 years of health, productivity, genetics, cost of production and more.

Dr. Joe Connor, Carthage, presenting at NPIC 2021


This is Brady Stewart – Smithfield Chief Manufacturing Officer – Current and Future Challenges facing the protein industry

Brady Stewart, CMO, Smithfield on stage at NPIC 2021 Slide from Presentation presented by Brady Stewart, CMO, Smithfield