Donna Hover visited Collins Colony and was given a tour of their homestead. On the tour she saw the feed that produces feed for their chickens and swine business. They raise all the corn needed for the mill.

Collins Colony Farm Grain Mill

They also have a concrete business where they produce pressed walls and hollow walls for commercial sale.

Collins Colony Farm Concrete

Collins Colony’s truck wash is a modern state-of-the-art facility and is fully electronic. One bay is used in conjunction with their concrete business. In this bay they can sandblast as well as here is where the process to create the pebble look on the concrete walls is handled. Another bay is a double bay which can hold 2 truck and trailers for washing livestock trailers and concrete hauling trucks. A separate bay is a drying bay which has the ability to bake the trailers for biosecurity. The last bay is for their fire department.

Collins Colony Farm Truck Wash & Fire Department

Their homes have 4 or 5 homes joined and have been built within the colony. Women from the colony build lovely couches for each family.

Collins Colony Farm Housing

Their swine reproductive animals are housed in a double-walled concrete facility. This facility is all concrete, geo-thermal with a hall way all the way around the building. They have 540 wells dug for the geo-thermal functionality which keeps temperatures from mid-50s to 85 degrees. Some supplemental heat is needed in the winter when temperatures plunge. Most of their pig production is sold as weaners but they do finish some pigs.

Collins Colony Farm Swine facility