PigCHAMP is proud to be part of the Story County Pork Producers (SCPP) helping to support the local food banks as they work to provide Story County Iowa residences with pork product donations. Within the first week, they raised about $4,000.

On May 21, SCPP made its first stop at Food @ First. There they donated about 250 tubes of ground pork and 500 pork sticks. Food @ First is a local organization that provides meals to those that may not have access to one. Usually, warm meals are served at specific locations, but due to COVID-19 that has been put on hold. To continue their efforts, they are packaging and delivering meals to those that request it.

Their second stop was the MICA location in Ames. MICA is a private, nonprofit organization serving children and families in central Iowa. Their food pantry usually serves about 300 households a month. However, they have seen their numbers drop as more people continue to social distance and stay home. MICA received about 150 tubes of ground pork and 500 pork sticks. These donations will be distributed as meal kits.

On May 27, SCPP took a second round of donations to Nevada Schools Cubbies Cupboard, there they donated about 250 Lbs. Pork for their Family Pantry Program. This program helps feed about 60 families/week with meals. They also stopped by SCPP Freezer Storage to pick up 200 – 300 Lbs. different pork products donated by Pine Ridge Farms of Des Moines.

SCPP also included a sheet of recipes, provided by the IPPA Promotions Committee. (Provided below)



This is not the end of donations for SCPP. With their remaining donations, they hope to deliver more pork product to local organizations. They are also working with local companies to receive brats, seasoned pork and breakfast sausage for donations. We would like to give a big thank you to this group for their dedication in providing food to those in need in our community.