This year, Donna attended the 2019 National Pork Industry Conference. There she sat in on many seminars regarding the swine industry, which included topics about African Swine Fever, US pork industry, trade and labor issues, and fake meat. As a special bonus, Smithfield hosted a youth cookout.

National Pork Industry Conference 2019
Great informational sessions on ASF and how the disease is progressing internationally and their methods of cleanup and prevention.
Industry Coalition Participants working on prevention and emergency response tactics.
Question and answer session on Foreign Animal Diseases.
Individual session on Russia’s experiences with foreign animal diseases.
Smithfield youth cookout. This youth workshop involved elementary and middle school age your during the conference. Youth learned some fascination things about pork and had a chance to cook their own pork kabobs.


Grilling of the kabob.
This session was on the knowledge of estimated Asian swine herds infected with ASF.
Well attended sessions on fake meat, US pork industry, current state and outlook for US Pork industry, Sow-Nursery-Finishing production, ASF and foreign animal diseases, trade and labor issues.

Session on issue of finding labor due to low unemployment rate in major swine production states.