PigCHAMP Releases Mobile App

PigCHAMP is proud to announce the release of the PigCHAMP Mobile App; the latest in our handheld data entry systems. This new app allows for remote data entry of PigCHAMP Reproductive information while providing reporting functionality and validation to users in real-time. This phone or tablet app, allows users to interact directly with PigCHAMP Online via an internet connection.

PigCHAMP Mobile Apps offer a variety of unique features to its users including: Bluetooth-enabled RFID functionality, barcode scanning using the camera on your device, and multi-device and user options. The app can be downloaded on Android products and iPhone and iPad.

Ultimately, producers can use the data in the app to make informed decisions in a timely manner. By reviewing accurate, real-time data through the app, for example, producers can make the right culling decisions at the right time.

The ability to be standing directly in front of a sow while viewing her history and past performance holds a lot of value. Making informed decisions quickly can save producers time and money in the long run.

To find out more about the PigCHAMP Mobile App, visit www.pigchamp.com/products/mobile.