Jayne and Donna have been in Asia training a few PigCHAMP business partners for the last few weeks. Here's a small snapshot of some of the things that they've been up to! 

Taken during a layover in Bangkok.

A lunch meeting with the Taiwan team: Shih-Ping Chen, Gina, Silvia, Jayne, Donna, Mike Wu, Paul

Mike Wu, Jayne Jackson, Donna Hover at the AjaxSoft Office.

A sightseeing visit to the National Palace Museum.

Sightseeing in Taipei's mall district.

The team attending Arthur's wedding!

Don't worry! Plenty of PigCHAMP training happened too!

Another stop to see the sights, including the pagoda at Sun Moon Lake.

Jayne and Donna at Sun Moon Lake.

There are nine dragons at the pagoda - a lucky number!

One of the many views of the lake.

There are many more pictures and stories to share, so be sure to ask Jayne and Donna about their trip when they return home!