Partnership to benefit a multitude of users

By John Eggert and Toon Weerts

Topigs Norsvin is pleased to announce that its customers may now exchange data via PigCHAMP. 

“In the past, Topigs Norsvin multipliers, InGene (internal multiplication) customers and CCPS (Combined Crossbred and Purebred Selection) customers were limited in their choice of sow management systems for data exchange,” says Toon Weerts, breeding program manager for Topigs Norsvin International. “But now our customers can realize EDI exchange, including data on tattooed piglets, using the PigCHAMP module.”

These exchanges are the results of a collaborative, multi-year project conducted by PigCHAMP and Topigs Norsvin.  “Currently, we have multiple units running on PigCHAMP exchange in the USA and Spain,” says Toon. “And new requests to get more farms started are coming from several countries, including Brazil, Argentina and Russia.”


* This article first appeared as part of the Swine Industry News Update