Donna and Jayne kicked off the busy fall and winter agricultural show season with a trip to Minnesota for the annual Alan D. Leman Swine Conference, hosted by the University of Minnesota September 19-22. They were busy showing off the new features of PigCHAMP (download available now for all customers) and connecting with industry colleagues and friends.

Attending shows gives PigCHAMP staff the opportunity to meet with our international agents, and we were pleased to visit with Dennis Robles and Dr. Wadie Ariza from Swine Health Professionals in Manitoba, and Dr. Martha Acosta from Sis-Pro Inc. International visitors from the Cherkizovo Group in Russia stopped by the booth as well.

As usual, there was time for some networking, food and fun — Donna and Jayne enjoyed a reception hosted by Harris Vaccines on Sunday and an event at the Science Museum of Minnesota on Monday, hosted by Zoetis.

We will be at shows and expositions throughout North America over the coming months — check out our calendar of events to find out more!