[Editor's note: A big thank you to Natasha for sharing her enthusiasm and experience with us, as she traveled to the PigCHAMP head office in Ames, IA to learn more about PigCHAMP products and services. We all enjoyed having her visit and hope our paths cross again soon!]

Jetlag hit me hard upon arrival, so luckily I had the weekend to rest up.  Charles and the kids did everything to make me comfortable and to make sure that I get enough rest.

Upon reviewing the photos, I feel so lucky to have been able to go abroad, not only was this a cultural learning experience but I was fitted with the tools to do my work more sufficiently.

I want to thank the PigCHAMP team in Ames for taking time out of their busy week to support me with the training I needed.  I would also like to thank each and every one of them for entertaining me after training each day.  I had lots and lots of fun.

I was able to meet new exciting people,  sit on Cy’s knee (disco Cy), eat a US Hotdog, do a farm visit, play Bocci and eat some of the best food.  I had a total world experience in 3 days.  The trip back felt much longer due to the time difference and we had some thunderstorm issues in Atlanta and the plane was  unable to land on the scheduled time, but luckily everything went as planned and once I locked eyes with Charles and our kids I knew I was home.

bocci game         training with Shayleen

Bocci is a PigCHAMP/Farms.com tradition. On a nice summer day, you may find                                       Shayleen, PigCHAMP's Product Documentation Specialist, made sure I went home
employees at any one of the Farms.com offices enjoying, and competing, in                                            armed with the skills to promote and support PigCHAMP Grow-Finish.
this fun team building activity.