Bright and early , Donna and I went to a farm for a visit, in order for me to see how they implement the device in their daily production.  Shaun took us through each of his barns and all I can say is WOW, his pigs are perfect!! He showed me how he enters the data directly in the farrowing barn, and I was amazed at how quickly it was done.  He even took a picture of me and Donna in our white overalls and I even had bright pink flip flops. So much fun!

Then the hunt for a real American hotdog began!  No luck, but at stop number 5 we were victorious! It was GOOD!  I was even able to fit in a quick shopping spree to find 2 Cys (Iowa State Mascot),  one for each of my children....

This has been such a great week, not only the training but meeting all the people and being spoiled rotten. The people here are great, and I would like to thank Bob, Donna, Shayleen, Teresa, Jayne and Kristy along with Mary for all their time and effort.  And a big thank you to Shaun as well for taking time out of your day to show me around your farm.

Heading back home today, and I am looking forward to see my hubby, Charles and our 2 children,  and I am excited about implementing everything I learned at PigCHAMP in Ames Iowa.