What a jam packed day, we were able to do Mobile training, technical support training, and one thing is for sure, Teresa is absolutely great in what she does.  I cant wait to promote the mobile products back at home, as this is one of my personal favourite products at PigCHAMP.

potluck lunchWe had a potluck lunch, which at home we refer to as ‘Bring en braai’. Bob’s wife and he made the most beautiful and delicious desert resembling the South-African Flag, not only does it look great it was Njammies... (Editor's note: I think Njammies is how a South African would say "yummy").

We ended the lunch with a game of BOCCE, which the Blue team won, no beginners luck there it was such fun.

Donna and her daughter took me out to dinner at Fuji’s.  We had some sushi and desserts... a perfect way to end a busy day.