As a mom and partner it is never easy saying goodbye to your loved ones on the airport, luckily you wont be the only one saying goodbye and shedding a tear.  A lot of people are curious as to how I manage work and being a mom... my answer is simple, I have a very loving, supportive and caring man in my life.  He takes care of our children when I need to travel, and I am then able to focus on the task at hand. 

The flight to Atlanta was fully booked, and I wont lie... it is a very long trip, and getting sleep is not easy.  Luckily the crew takes real good care of you making it a bit comfier.   Upon landing I was quickly aware of why our travel agent gave me a few hours spare before departing to Des Moines.   The Custom lines are extremely long,  so a lot of patience is required.  It was an extremely long process getting through everything and luckily I had arrived at my next boarding gate - straight to Des Moines.

Upon landing in Des Moines, I was captured by its beauty.  Everything is so picture perfect. Donna Riese and her friend Dale met me at the airport and gave me a quick tour, I was really impressed with all the activities that was taking place all over town.

I am  staying in the GRANDSTAY HOTEL in Ames, and after a day of airports, flights and entertainment I was ready to end my day in this lovely Hotel.