*Editor's note: Natasha works for PIC South Africa, and is solely responsible for sales and support of PigCHAMP products. Her territory includes the entire African continent. We are looking forward to hosting Natasha in our Ames, IA office in July. Follow her experiences in this blog.  ~  Mary

Natasha FergusonGrowing up in a small mining town, I would never have dreamed that I would end up with such a unique career, not to mention the fact that my dream job would take me abroad.

My dad was the first one to notice that I had a keen sense for business from a very young age, and would sneak me along to work on some of his night shifts.  I absolutely loved pretending to be my dad’s secretary and spinning around in the office chair.  I was hooked on the hustle and bustle of following a career and even though my dad thought I would end up as a celebrity, or some kind of star, I settled in for being a Personal Assistant.  Organizing things are a great relaxing tool for me, so to keep other peoples life running smoothly was not hard for me to do at all.  After some time work gets fairly predictable, and being a Gemini (horoscope) predictability is not my thing. 

Being a PigCHAMP Agent provides me with unpredictability, not knowing what each day might bring is very exciting and challenging. At PIC South-Africa, we strive to give all our PigCHAMP clients the best service possible.  Customer Service is top priority for us.  I am very proud of the fact that we have more 60,000 of South-Africa and  Africa’s Sows registered on PigCHAMP.  I think this number alone speaks volumes of the customer satisfaction and data integrity of the software. 

Keep on Improving, is a motto we live by, and as technology changes, we need to make sure that all our Agents keep up with those changes.  During July I will be doing exactly that, as I embark on my first trip abroad.  To give our country sales a boost in the Grow-Finish and Mobile PigCHAMP products I will be dedicating my time to get training from our head-office in Ames Iowa. 

Please make sure to look out for my blog on our website as I embark on this exciting journey.