Donna and Jayne sure are busy. Long days at the Japfa Comfeed farm, coupled with 2-3 hours of commuting to and from Ho Chi Minh City, mean that they don't always have time to write about their day's experiences... but I usually do get some photos!

Training a whole group of people to use new software is always a challenge. People get comfortable with what they currently use, and change can be difficult for some. But for Japfa Comfeed, the challenge is even greater, because they have never used production management software before. So learning how to use PigCHAMP software, without any previous knowledge to draw from, has been an adventure. Add in cultural differences, language barriers and differing farm practices, and Jayne and Donna have had their work cut out for them. As they wind down their trip, I think they are feeling pretty confident that the staff at Japfa Comfeeds has the tools and resources they need to be successful.

Japfa comfeed team

And it wouldn't be a blog post from Jayne and Donna's trip, without showing you some food pictures! Wednesday night they were treated to a Chinese feast.