A Benchmark Welcome

A Benchmark Welcome

Spring 2024

Graham Dyer, President & CEO

These are turbulent times for pork producers. Because of that, in addition to benchmarking data, this year our theme for Benchmark magazine is “Building Blocks for the Long Haul, Bringing Longevity to the Farm.”

Our goal is to provide swine producers with information related to several aspects of swine agri-business to help you tackle issues that ultimately have an impact on your business.

Of course, we believe that data, particularly PigCHAMP benchmarking data, can assist you in making business decisions for your swine operation. It can help regardless if the decisions are related to the health and welfare of your animals, nutrition and production issues, or even labor and finance issues.

The 2024 issue of Benchmark magazine also looks at technology to see how artificial intelligence might impact pork production in the future.

PigCHAMP offerings for 2024 are also provided to help make your job smoother and easier. The updated PigCHAMP APP Intermittent Mode allows you to record data to your device wherever you are and then sync your records when connectivity is available.

The PigCHAMP APP also allows you access to complete sow history and the ability to edit or delete events with real-time event validation.

As noted, we know that these are turbulent times. But information and the interpretation of data can help you make solid business decisions that will help you weather the storm because we know you are in it for the long haul. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.