A Benchmark Welcome

A Benchmark Welcome

Graham Dyer, President & CEO

The past two years have been challenging to say the least. But being in the pork sector has always required facing challenges with innovation and intelligence. The latest round of challenges-from the risk of disease to war in Europe, to regulations that don’t match with the day-to-day life of swine farming-are no different.

These are the hot button issues that we will all face in the year ahead. I am sure there will also be a few, yet unknown challenges thrown into the mix too, both at the macro level and the micro level where it is specific to your farming operations. But don’t panic.

As it has done successfully for years, your farm, your team, and the swine industry itself, will rise to the occasion and continue stronger than ever. When we look back over the past few years, we have many reasons to be incredibly proud.

In these pages, we share with you the stores of farms that have used PigCHAMP benchmark data to fine-tune their operations, to help ensure animal care and safety, and to help their teams succeed.

We work with many partners-together we make the swine industry better and stronger.

We want to thank pork producers and those in the swine industry for all the challenges that they have conquered and for the innovative spirit that they show daily. We are thankful to work in such a dedicated industry that contributes to feeding the world!

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