Comparison of Canadian and American Herds

Not only production trait differences, but seasonality factors exist also.

By John Deen and Sukumaran S Anil

We continue to see significant differences between Canadian and American herds as well as differences in performance by season. As in previous years, Canadian herds are consistently higher in nearly all of the production parameters measured by PigCHAMP, as exhibited in the graphs shown here.

It is, however, important to consider seasonality. The differences charted show that we still do have seasonal infertility. Surprisingly, this has not decreased with intensification of agriculture, nor has it shown up as a decreased rate in Canada. Still, seasonality differences and sow mortality are both muted in comparison to performance differences.

Average number of pigs weaned/mated females/year during 2008 in US & Canadian herds

Farrowing Rate during 2008 in US and Canadian herds

Average number of piglets born alive/litter during 2008 in US and Canadian herds

Death rate during 2008 in US and Canadian herds

Editor’s Note: John Deen, DVM PhD, is an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota, and Sukumaran S Anil, DVM PhD, is a Research Associate at the University of Minnesota. To contact them, e-mail: deenx003@umn.edu or sukum001@umn.edu