A Benchmark Welcome

A Benchmark Welcome

By Donna Hover

The Bountiful Pig. When you think of pigs, what do you think of? Did you know that everyday pigs provide vital needs for humans? Pork products range from safe high-quality delicious sources of protein, lifesaving medical uses, and many other products that help improve the quality of our lives. No other animal provides such a wide range of products for society as pigs. Through new technologies and innovative research, new by-products from pigs continue to be developed every day. Here is a small list of some essential contributions from pigs and the swine industry:

  • Quality protein, vitamin, and mineral source
  • Donations to Food Banks and those in need
  • Job opportunities
  • Financial and economic growth
  • Dog toys
  • Educational training at Institutions providing potential career paths
  • Biomedical Research
  • Medical Uses – Skin, Heart Valves, and nearly 20 Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
  • By-products: Fertilizer, Antifreeze, Rubber, Crayons, Chalk, Adhesives, Leather, and Cosmetics

In this year’s Benchmark Magazine, “The Bountiful Pig”, we would like to share stories about how pigs enhance our lives; as well as stories on the swine industry giving back to help their communities and those in need.

And last, but not least, we want to THANK pork producers and those in the swine industry for all they endure. We are in gratitude for their hard work and dedication which provide us with a large range of products that makes our lives better.

Photo Credit: Tsekhmister/iStock/Getty Images Plus photo