Pork with a Purpose

Family farmers drive the industry forward

By Dustin Guy

The swine industry has changed greatly over the past few decades. Efficiencies in pork production and the agriculture industry, have changed the way we look at what and where our food comes from. Consumer demand for increased animal welfare and safe pork products has driven the industry to improve production and quality standards. Vande Rose Farms and the Lynch Family Foundation have done their part to lead the way by raising the standard for which we raise pork.

The Golly Family & dogs sitting on porch steps smiling at camera
Lynch and Golly Family

Currently run by the 3rd and 4th generations of the Lynch Family, Vande Rose Farms employs over 400 family farmers located in the Corn Belt. Over the company’s 105-year history, Vande Rose Farms has been dedicated to producing quality NAE pork responsibly, humanely, and with a manner of respect to the animal and our environment. Not only do our farmers raise pigs in a crate free environment, but our production standards also go above and beyond the industry requirements.

Many factors have driven the expansion of the pork industry as well as the acceptance of pork products from the average consumer. The Covid-19 pandemic challenged the industry with an uncertainty for retail demand. However, the increase in at-home cooking opened the door to new possibilities for pork to become a household staple. Requests for clean label products, as well as widespread adoption of animal cruelty acts has provided challenges as well as opportunities. Vande Rose Farms has adopted these consumer sentiments for decades with high animal welfare and no use of antibiotics or growth promotants with an all-vegetarian diet. The next decade is projected to see a cumulated annual growth of 4% in the pork industry, and the outlook for products like those produced by Vande Rose is expected to exceed industry projections.

Vande Rose’s “Pork with a Purpose” slogan was created to capture the company’s dedication to the industry. Beyond its commitment to raising the best pigs they can, Vande Rose has pushed to give back to the community as well as to the environment. The Lynch Family Foundation has donated over $5 million to food banks, veterans’ organizations, and various charities to provide a platform and show support to its family farmers and their communities. The recent pandemic has left many in this country with the uncertainty of where their next meal will come from. The foundation has donated 250,000 lbs. of pork to the State of Iowa Food Bank as well as many food banks in their local communities. The Lynch Family Foundation continues to grow with a commitment to drive the industry forward, as well as show support for those that support Vande Rose Farms.

The swine industry’s impact on the environment can be far reaching. Vande Rose Farms has taken the steps to reduce its environmental impact by implementing Regenerative Agriculture on their farms. Practices to reduce their impact on the environment include feeding grains raised on site at most of their farms, as well has placing natural fertilizer produced on site by their animals back into the soil. These practices help sequester carbon dioxide, as well as limit erosion and chemical pollution.

With the expected expansion of our industry, Vande Rose Farms and The Lynch Family Foundation will continue to work towards raising the standard of what pork can be. Vande Rose Farms believes that high welfare practices, regenerative agriculture, charitable contributions, and the importance of the family farmer are what drives the industry forward.

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Dustin Guy
Dustin Guy is a Marketing Manager for Vande Rose Farms, showing the public what "Pork With a Purpose" means to the pork industry. He has a bachelors degree in Finance from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville. Dustin also holds a Series 3 and Series 30 as a Commodity Broker and Hedge Specialist.