Technology Opportunities PigCHAMP’s Perspective

by Donna Hover

Over the years, there have been many changes on how swine operations obtain knowledge of their herd’s performance, as well as the resources used for production management. In the past, sow data was saved on input tablets, small pocket notebooks, and large devices that were carried in the barn. Data would be taken and entered into computers. Unfortunately, with these methods of record keeping, errors could occur. Farmers dealt with difficulties of missing information, dirty torn papers or incorrect written documentation.

Today we have many options for data entry, including network, online “cloud”, mobile applications and bureaus. PigCHAMP validates data entry to ensure quality performance analysis of sow farm(s). Production managers and consultants can customize data entry and analysis reports to gain precise information helping them to make knowledgeable decisions to improve the farm’s performance. So how will this change in the future? Will software be intelligent enough to record what is going on by RFID tags, pictures, temperature and so on; only time will tell. But as time changes and technology evolves, PigCHAMP will stay dedicated to developing intellectual software programs needed by the swine industry.