Welcome to Benchmark 2019

Welcome to Benchmark 2019

It's a small world

It’s a small world. The 2019 issue of Benchmark features articles on the day in the life of swine producers around the world.

This year, the global swine industry shares in the fear of the power of the African Swine Fever - as such, biosecurity has become a high priority in all parts of the world (see article on page 21). This is where the interconnectedness of data around the world is a strength, however the interconnectedness of people and people movement is a challenge.

What struck the PigCHAMP.com team as we prepared Benchmark was how very similar a swine worker’s day was like, regardless of what country they were in. As always, the highlight of Benchmark magazine is the Benchmark Data (page 23) and the viewpoints of a variety of industry experts as they analyse this data (see articles on page 29 and 32).

Every business seeks to improve itself to ensure its continued business success. The need to make sound Business Decisions is what drives data acquisition and management – the correct interpretation of this data leads to informed decisions. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but at PigCHAMP we believe it is important to spend some time to reflect on yesterday’s events to look for trends and outliers that are in the data, with the goal of helping us improve our swine operations.

The daily monitoring of your operations accumulates into weeks, months and years of data, allowing for a diversity in data that comprises not only small segments, but can demonstrate a big picture performance evaluation from which to anticipate changes and make sound decisions. Hopefully, the PigCHAMP benchmarking data and the articles in this issue of Benchmark, will help you think about how the past can improve the future, by helping you make better decisions today.

The swine industry is a close-knit community -- a small world of like-minded individuals striving to improve the industry. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to our contributors, advisors, advertisers and everyone who makes Benchmark an invaluable resource to this important community.