Welcome to Benchmark 2018

Every year, the PigCHAMP team collects a lot of data.

Hundreds of producers send us backups of their PigCHAMP databases that we compile into personalized reports. We send these reports back to each producer, giving them individualized insights into how they line up with other farms that also share their information. We see the value of keeping precise, daily records.

When we thought about other areas of the swine industry, we knew we couldn’t be alone.

This year, we found ourselves wondering what data is most important, not only to producers, but also to packers, transporters, veterinarians and other members of the industry. What numbers are they tracking? What do they do with the stats they’re keeping? Why even bother with all of that work?

We also wanted to look ahead. Keeping good records must be important, as leaders across the industry are compiling this data, so what does that information mean for the future of pork production? We connected with some of the most influential swine professionals across North America and asked them to weigh in.

We wanted to know what our producers thought too. Where do they think the industry is heading in the next 10 to 15 years? What issues do they see as being the most important looking forward?

In this issue of Benchmark, we share these insights with our readers across North America.

We are also pleased to share feedback from two of our clients who were early adopters of the PigCHAMP Mobile App, which we launched in the spring. These clients were looking for a cost-effective way to keep track of their data in the barns, and immediately collect and share this information. You can read about our latest product and user experiences on page 24.

Pork production is constantly evolving. Many of us can look back, even just a few years, and make a list of some immense and influential changes we have witnessed in a brief period. Precision pig production might always be on the move but we think the future of the swine industry is brighter than ever.

The efforts of a broad team come together to make the publication of Benchmark possible. We offer our sincerest thanks to all of our contributors, advisors, advertisers and supporters from across the world.

The PigCHAMP Benchmarking program is open to pork producers who share their production information. Participants receive free quarterly updates on how their operations compare to the Benchmark averages. PigCHAMP also offers in-depth customized reports for a modest fee.

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