Pocketing Your Pig Production

The power of PigCHAMP’s real-time data is available in the palm of your hand.

By Schae Geiter

PigCHAMP Mobile App

Time means everything for producers. Sometimes, it feels like your farm to-do lists are constantly growing. The PigCHAMP team is always looking for ways to help you be more productive in the barn so that you can keep accurate records, make informed decisions and, ultimately, move onto the next item on your list.

In 2010, our team launched the PigCHAMP Mobile Stand-Alone line of products. Participating clients, while in their barns, can enter their information into a heavy-duty mobile device. Producers appreciated this option and independent trials found that the PigCHAMP Mobile Stand-Alone device decreased a user’s time for data entry by between 15 and 30 percent.

Overall, this time savings equated to an average cost savings of US$1.45/sow/year. Producers no longer needed to record data by hand and then transcribe it into the PigCHAMP software.

While the Mobile Stand-Alone is still helpful for many producers, other clients wanted to be able to use the same technology on their cellphones. These conversations led to the creation of the PigCHAMP Mobile App.

In the fall, a handful of beta testers began using a mobile version of the PigCHAMP Reproductive application on their Apple or Android devices. This group used the Mobile App on a daily basis and provided feedback about the functionality and efficiency of the product.

Users of the app can interact directly with PigCHAMP Online via an Internet connection. They can enter their reproductive information remotely, and thus still use the reporting and validation features with which they are familiar.

“It is way easier to pull my phone out of my pocket and log events as I go through the barn. I believe this makes data entry more efficient because I am able to log things as I see them,” says Andrew Van Nurden, owner at L&A Farms in Morgan, Minnesota.

Users of the app can scan barcodes on such items as sow cards and automatically upload the information into the PigCHAMP system.

The app is also compatible with Bluetooth-enabled RFID functionality, so users can work with ear tag sets and readers.

Users can quickly become familiar with the app, too.

“I was able to train my 60-year-old employee on how to use the app in a matter of minutes. It seems to work well for her with very few issues,” says Van Nurden.

And, of course, operators have the option of giving all team members the access needed to be able to enter and access production data simultaneously.

Ultimately, producers can use the data in the app to make informed decisions in a timely manner. By reviewing accurate real-time data through the app, for example, farmers can make the right culling decisions at the right time.

The ability to be standing directly in front of a sow while viewing her history and past performance holds a lot of value. Making informed decisions quickly can save producers time and money in the long run.

Precision record keeping has come a long way in a short time. Putting the power of real-time data in your pocket is just one way that we see precision pig production making strides towards the future.

We’d love to help you find the best options for your farm. If you are interested in learning more about this product, or any of the other PigCHAMP services, visit us at PigCHAMP.com, email us at sales@PigCHAMP.com or call us toll-free at 866.774.4242.

Schae Geiter
Schae Geiter joined the PigCHAMP team as the marketing communications specialist two years ago. She grew up on a farm in north-central Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in agricultural communications and agronomy.

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