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What’s new at PigCHAMP?


At PigCHAMP, we strive to provide state of the art products that fit our customers’ needs through ongoing maintenance and development.

  1. Data Item Management: Additional options to help with managing your custom data item fields with in the program.

    You will be able to alter or change the display labels and prompts for existing custom fields and easily delete any custom fields no longer referenced in a database. These features will help with consistency and basic maintenance especially for those that merge multiple farms into a single database for analysis purposes.

  2. Database and Processing Improvements: There have been multiple speed and efficiency enhancements incorporated into this new version at the SQL level as well as for computers in a client/server environment. Allowing the use of a local reporting database on the client computer has greatly improved the speed of report processing.

  3. Farm Specific Lookup Items: Expanded the ability to select specific lookup items (dictionary) for individual farms; by default the majority of new items are available to all farms in the database. You will now have the option to disable an item for an individual farm and/or for all farms. When an item is disabled, it will no longer be available for selection while in data entry for that specific farm selection.

  4. Batch Gilt Made Available: New data entry event to streamline the process of introducing a retained gilt to the herd prior to breeding.

    You may choose to enter the event by a group of individual identities or by searching the farm database to create a list of identities to make available based on their arrival date or current location within the farm.

  5. Batch Location Movement: Extended the event to move females in mass by their individual identity or by the current location they reside in.

    You will be able to list individual identities or search the database for a list of females that are currently associated with a specific location. When searching you may either move all the females listed or select specific females that are to be moved to a new location.

  6. Required Field Option: Expanded the ability to select specific fields as being required for events where you are able to record individual piglet identities. Both programs, Reproductive and Mobile will verify entry if fields are marked as required.

  7. Death Loss Analysis Operator Graph Report: To help you be compliant with many welfare programs and other regulations we have added the ability to record and report on the operator responsible for euthanizing a pig.

    A bar chart is available that monitors the number of pigs died in a selected period, of those pigs the number that had been euthanized and by whom. You will also have the option to add the operator information to the list data report and to the excel export options.

  8. Feed Delivery Import Tool: Added the ability to define unit of measurement for the quantity of feed delivered as pounds (lbs.), kilograms (kgs.), tons or tonnes within the import format.

  9. Hermitage Interface: We have been working very closely with Hermitage team to create an export that meets with the Hermitage genetic blup program. Users will be able to export four different files that represent the historical performance data and periodically provide updated individual performance vital to the improvement of the Hermitage genetic lines.

These enhancements could not have happened without the help of you our customers. We would like to sincerely thank all our customers for their support, feedback and suggestions in helping us continue to improve and advance the PigCHAMP software.


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