About PigCHAMP

What’s new at PigCHAMP?

At PigCHAMP, we strive to provide state of the art products that fit our customers’ needs through ongoing maintenance and development.

  1. Record and Analyze Piglets Euthanized: You are now able to record when and why a piglet is euthanized in the Piglet Death event. You can analyze this data in Performance type reports as well as include or exclude piglets euthanized when looking at piglet deaths in the Piglet Loss Analysis report.

  2. Performance Reports Quarter Calendar Options: There are new pre-defined period lengths available that represents true calendar quarters in Grow-Finish and Reproductive performance type reports.

  3. Option to Resize Entry Screen: Based on user requests there is now an option to easily reset all your data entry and reporting screens back to the program default with just a click of a button.

  4. Premise Identity on Reports: Premise Identity can now be added on your reports to easily pass your premise ID to your Veterinarian, Consultant, and other industry partners for compliance with new regulations.

  5. POL RDP Connection Appearance: Ability to manage the font smoothing and display configuration for PigCHAMP Online clients.

  6. Automated Backups: We have enabled a feature to automatically backup your database when you exit, for PigCHAMP Standard clients.

  7. Trace Data Highlight Selected Rows: Option to highlight an entire row in your trace list data.

  8. Automated Database Indexing: Option to automate the process to re-index, keeping your program running at its best.

  9. Grow Finish Stage of Production Required: Must select stage of production for comparisons for Grow Finish Benchmarking.

  10. Sow Card Option for Event Date Format: Option to include event dates for Farrowing and Weaning for each parity as well as the number of Total Born.

  11. Location Settings Option for Audits: Option to turn on the ability to record the same location for a single animal multiple times.

  12. Enterprise License Notifications: Option to manage which users will receive license notifications.


What’s new at PigCHAMP Mobile Appplications?

  1. Apps available in additional languages: PigCHAMP Mobile Apps are now available in (6) languages: Spanish EU, Spanish LA, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Italian.

  2. Automatic Update Notifications: Mobile App has the ability to notify you that updates are available and automatically install changes.

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