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What’s new at PigCHAMP?

At PigCHAMP, we strive to provide state of the art products that fit our customers’ needs through ongoing maintenance and development. 

To read more details on PigCHAMP’s new features and functionality or to view past features and functionality: click here.

Below is a list of new features and enhancements for Version 9.7.1:

  1. User Account Administration Data Entry: For our enterprise clients we have expanded on our user administration tool to allow you to create and manage roles, user privileges and program credentials. You will now be able to define organizational roles and associate user privileges. Having these roles available makes assigning program privileges easier and faster during the setup process. We have also expanded on the user privileges by splitting out the edit and delete functions, added the ability to define when a user can edit an event based on the date recorded, created an option on who can delete a full history of a sow and to help manage these new roles, privileges and users we designed a new report called User Administration.

  2. Search and Edit Audit Tab: Along with the new user logic and the introduction of the PigCHAMP Mobile App we have added to our existing Audit Date feature. Here you can search the database for events recorded based on the date of entry and the user that entered, edited and/or deleted the event. You now can select how you would like the events to be group within the display. The events may be displayed by event action (created, edited, deleted) or event type (mating, farrowing, etc..) or by user(s).

  3. History Display OptionYou now can change the history display to either display the most recent activity at the top of the history screen or at the bottom.

    New history columns have been added in line with auditing data entry that can be selected to display. Last changed, created on, last edited on, deleted on. You can also choose if you want operator and/or location to be displayed in the history.

    Additional display options have also been added to the history where you can select to only display primary events (Arrival, Gilt Made Available, Service, Farrowing, Wean, Removal) and an option to displayed assumed locations associated with events.

    Another new feature in the history is related to individual piglet identities. In the sow history when selecting a farrowing, weaning or piglet identification event the piglet identities will display to the right of the sow history if associated to the event.

    Along the same lines you are now able to associate an arrival to a piglet from the history screen without having to directly edit the event.

  4. General Settings Section Add: We have added a new section for basic settings that are related to the organization not to an individual farm or user. Here you will find the settings related to Female Movement event logic, Grow Finish calculations based on FIFO, and PICTraq settings.

  5. Batch Treatment Event by List Id, Location or Date of Medication: To simplify recording and identifying females and boars that are to be treated, vaccinated, etc. we have added a new feature that enables you to create these groups efficiently.
    There are now 3 options to help record group type treatments: Add Identity, by location, find by date.

  6. Batch Search Option: For many of the batch type events we have also introduced a new way to search for animals in a database using our Search and Edit tool. You will now be able to create female or boar groups using the tool for the following events: Batch Gilt Made Available, Batch Boar and Female Treatments, Female Location to Location Movement

  7. Expand Split Sex Event Options: With the introduction of the recent genetic improvement interfaces we have had many requests to expand on our current split sex feature to other event fields besides liveborn and piglets weaned. We have now added the ability to record split sex across all reproductive lactation stage events, and we have introduced split sex to Grow Finish. This option is farm specific and can be turned on in Targets and Other Settings.

  8. Piglet Identity Report: With the various PigCHAMP genetic interfaces and progeny  piglet events becoming so popular we have created a new report to help customers manage individual piglets that have been identified in the programThis new report will provide you with Sow (Dam) details, litter performance and individual piglet information.

  9. Search and Edit Piglet Option: Along with the new piglet report we have also added a new search option that will enable you to search for individual piglets in the search and edit tool. Using this tool, you can search the database for piglets based on their primary identity, tattoo, or transponder.

  10. Piglet History Lookup: Not only can you search the database for piglets, but you can drilldown and see the individual piglets associated to specific events. A new history tab called Piglets is now available when an event that has piglets associated is selected from the sow (dam) history.

  11. Piglet Identification Event: For our PIC PICTraq clients we have expanded piglet identification fields to include transponder, individual weight, and teat count for the piglets. Look for this functionality to become available in the Mobile App later this year.

  12. Invoice Number Field Added to Events and Reports: With the industry continuing to change around us, we have found that many of our customers like to record their invoice number related to purchases and sales. Entering the invoice number will allow our clients to track their payments of where their shipments came from, whether being from their own operation or outside sources.

  13. Pregnancy Check List Exclude Aborted Sows: A new option has been added to the properties tab that when selected will exclude any sows that have been aborted from the pregnancy check lists. As a reminder do not forget you are also able to exclude any sow that have been Marked for Cull from the list as well.

  14. Mating List Report: You now have the option to set the report to “No Grouping”; this will create a list of all the matings without headers. Please note many action lists have this option available. You may alter the group options using the Add or Modified  report tool.

  15. Gestation Validation Preferences: As a user you can decide if you wish to have the program either warn when a farrowing occurs outside the gestation range defined or if you prefer to display an error that prevents the farrowing being recorded until      resolved.

  16. List Reports Single Column: You are now able to set list type reports to display data as a single column. Using the Add and Modified Column Heading Tool you can select to have all data sections within the report display as a single column.

  17. Sow Card Format Option: We have added an additional sow card format for the backside or      blank side of the card. This new format will print a large identity in the middle of the card   and will provide the parity, service week and due to farrow date in the upper right-hand corner of the card. If you are familiar with the PigCHAMP per-printed formats the upper right corner is the notes section on the back of the card.

  18. Reporting Optimizations and Upgrade Logic: Due to database and logic changes, in the past we have had some issues especially related to custom report properties when         upgrading versions. In this version we have put in place new logic that will help maintain the state and mappings for custom reports for future upgrades. During this process the team has also addressed issues related to the exporting and importing of PCR files to help with upgrading in the future.

  19. Feed-In for Gestal Users: We are happy to introduce a new cloud-based product that will manage various interfaces related to electronic feed type systems. This initial version will interface with Gestal gestation and lactation stations. In the future you can expect to see additional options related to Nedap, Schauer and other systems with API logic available. PigCHAMP Online and Client Hosted customers will be able to license this new product to enable the PigCHAMP database to directly interface with their preferred feed stations. You  will be able to setup and easily manage your interfaced farms through this new tool. Once the interface is established the tool does all the work for you, by sending data directly from the PigCHAMP database to your electronic feed vendor automatically. There is a dashboard     where you can see the last date the data sync and details related to the data exchange process by farm.

  20. Mobile App Options: With the introduction of the of the Client Hosted Application, Mobile Apps are not just for Online clients anymore. If you have PigCHAMP software hosted locally within your network, you can use the Android and/or iOS PigCHAMP Mobile Apps with your own environment.  The mobile apps are available to clients with strong Wi-Fi/Cell service within the barns. For those clients that struggle with strong connectivity in the barns we will soon have you covered as well. We are currently working on an Android solution that will work offline in the barns with real-time validation and sync to either your hosted network or with the PigCHAMP Online system when connectivity is available. Look for this later this year!

Previous Commercial Released Products and Features

  1.  Client Hosted Application (CHA): Is a set of software components that allows the PigCHAMP Mobile App and our Cloud based Feed-In tool to communicate with a locally hosted PigCHAMP installation. Allowing our customers to have the mobile and cloud- based interfaces functionality with the flexibility and choice as to where their data lives.

  2. PICTraq Interface: This interface eliminates the need to enter or import data into your PICTraq system. Data recorded within PigCHAMP will automatically update the PICTraq database and provide the vital information on validation accuracy related to both databases. Users will be able to simply walkthrough a few steps to enable this new functionality. Please contact your PIC representative to request this unique feature.

  3. Big Dutchman ESF Interface: A export file has been created that will enable our Big Dutchman clients to export data directly from PigCHAMP and import the data into the Big Dutchman Electronic Sow Feeding software. By using the export/import functionality you will assure accuracy in the data and save time by eliminating the needed to do duel entry.

  4. Hypor Interface: For Hypor clients that provide data for genetic improvement this licensed interface will enable you to export the specific data needed and easily. In the PigCHAMP program you will be able to record the individual piglet data including the weight, teat count, color, and designation. When data is requested it is a simple export out of PigCHAMP that will gather all the data that is needed into a file that can then be e-mailed to your Hypor representative.

  5. Topigs Norsvin Interface: There is an export interface specific to our Topigs Norsvin clients who send information to the InGene Topigs Norsvin genetic improvement program. When data is requested by your genetic representative it is as simple as pushing a button to export all the data that is needed. This feature is provided within your current PigCHAMP license, for details on how to use this functionality please click on the video link here ; Topigs Norsvin Interface How to Video

  6. Batch Import Feed Deliveries and Packer Data: Our Grow- Finish clients can batch import their feed deliveries and cohort sale summary directly into the PigCHAMP program. This simple import feature is available at no additional cost to all our Finishing clients. We have created a tool that enables you to take an Excel file in a CSV format and map the various columns together. Once mapped then you can continue to use the format to pull your data in eliminating the need for individual data entry. For more information please select the video link; How to Import Feed and Packer Data  and for a complete list of Feed Mill software that have available exports please contact us at sales@pigchamp.com

  7. Batch Import Semen Batches: This feature enables you to pull data from your boar stud software or excel spreadsheet and import the data directly into the PigCHAMP program. No more semen batch data entry, this feature works in-conjunction with Minitube’s Prism PigCHAMP Export feature. To see how this works please select this video link; Semen Batch Interface.

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