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What’s new at PigCHAMP?

At PigCHAMP, we strive to provide state of the art products that fit our customers’ needs through ongoing maintenance and development. 

Below is a list of new features and enhancements for Version 8.7.1:

  1. Client Hosted App (CHA) for Mobiles: Is a set of software components that allows the PigCHAMP Mobile app installed on Android or iOS (internet/cell only) to communicate with a locally hosted PigCHAMP installation. Allowing our customers to have the mobile functionality with the flexibility and choice as to where their data lives..

  2. PICTraq Interface: This new interface eliminates the need to enter or import data into your PICTraq system. Data recorded within PigCHAMP will automatically update the PICTraq database.

  3. Big Dutchman ESF Interface: A new export file has been created that will enable our Big Dutchman clients to export data directly from PigCHAMP and import the data into the Big Dutchman Electronic Sow Feeding software..

  4. Semen Purchase: Able to designate if a semen batch is frozen semen.

  5. Gestation Length Validation: Choose to define if the gestation day validation is an error or a warning for the upper limit


Below is a list of new features and enhancements for Version 8.7.0:

  1. Feed Bin Closure at Sub-Division Level: The ability to open and close feed bins at the barn level has been enhanced to allow the user to now open/close bins at the Sub-division level.

  2. Allow Dashes in Grow Finish Names: Enabling the use of (-) dashes for the naming conventions for barns, sub-divisions and cohorts.

  3. Medication Quantity with Decimals: When recording medication that has been purchased, reconciled and used users are now able to record the quantity with decimals.

  4. Canarm Automatic Heat Detection: For our Canarm clients we have added the ability to automatically collect observed heat detection's and report on those observations.

  5. Canarm Data Archive: We are introducing an archive feature for the action items and heat detection logic to manage the amount of data stored.

  6. Double-Side Sow Card Print Options: Users will now be able to select how they want their sow cards to be printed.

  7. Cohort Analysis by Arrival Date: Like the other cohort analysis reports this report follows the gilts first productivity cycle based on the date the gilts were arrived and/or made available to the herd.

  8. Gilt Retention Report: New report that looks at the retention rate based on the date the gilt was arrived and/or made available to the herd..

  9. Saved Reports Display:: Now only users with farm permissions can access and see reports that are available in the saved report queue.

  10. Option to Automatically Save Reports: We have created a new option when running reports prior to running a report the user is able to select to run and save the report automatically into the reporting queue.

  11. Report Description for Report Group Options: The report group display has been expanded to provided additional information related to the reporting dates the report will be ran for based on the default settings defined by the user.

  12. Deleting System Defined Report Groups: Users can delete the system defined reporting groups and replace with their own report group naming convention.

  13. Additional Countries with Regions and Currencies: We have expanded our list of countries, with regions and currencies to select from.


What’s new at PigCHAMP Mobile Applications?

  1. Mobile AIM RFID: Users can now use Bluetooth connected RFID readers with their IOS and Android devices.

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