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PigCHAMP Benchmark Privacy Policy

PigCHAMP, as part of its business model, collects production data from producers for use in developing aggregate reports that have been used by producers as a benchmarking tool for many years.

In addition, PigCHAMP continues to provide aggregate data to researchers for use in basic and applied research. Research conducted using PigCHAMP data has been invaluable in the continuous improvement of the understanding in the industry regarding animal care and production.

PigCHAMP also provides aggregate data to other industry partners and stakeholders for internal research and marketing purposes.

PigCHAMP is 100% committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the data we collect and we only share data in aggregate using the following rules under the oversight of our Board of Directors and the PigCHAMP Producer Advisory Committee.

The following are the policies for data aggregation and confidentiality and are in compliance with the USDA's policies regarding the confidentiality of producer data.

In the case of information furnished under a provision the PigCHAMP License Agreement, no officer or employee of PigCHAMP or division thereof, nor any other person may:

  • Use such information for a purpose other than the development or reporting of aggregate data in a manner such that the identity of the person who supplied such information is not discernible and is not material to the intended uses of such information; or
  • Disclose such information to the public, unless such information has been transformed into a statistical or aggregate form that does not allow the identification of the person who supplied particular information.

Specifically when working with subsets of data, no officer or employee of PigCHAMP or division thereof, nor any other person may:

  • Use aggregate information containing data from less than three (3) individual farm systems.
  • Use aggregate data in which any one farm system contributes more than sixty percent (60%) of the event level data.

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