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Benchmark -Precision Pig Production
Benchmark Magazine

Benchmark Magazine is published each spring to highlight the annual results of PigCHAMP's Benchmarking program, and to feature news, commentary and articles of interest written by pork industry experts.

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For more than 25 years, PigCHAMP Knowledge Software has set the standard in pork production management software and has revolutionized the way that pork producers think about data collection and analysis.

With customers in more than 40 countries, PigCHAMP continues to be the most trusted and widely used swine production software program in the world. PigCHAMP is simply the best swine software in the industry.

Find out more about what sets PigCHAMP apart from its competitors - and how your business will benefit from using PigCHAMP software.

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PigCHAMP at the Iowa State Fair

PigCHAMP at the Iowa State Fair

Two weeks ago, Jayne and Hailey had the opportunity to work at the Iowa Pork Tent at the Iowa State Fair. It was a great day working along side Story County and Jones County Pork Producers. Their job was to grill pork chops for the Pork Chop on a Stick stand. The group they worked with also set a record for 2019 by cooking and handing out at a little over 4,200 pork chops.

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4th annual Story County Pork Producers Youth Grill-Off

4th annual Story County Pork Producers Youth Grill-Off

On July 21, PigCHAMP sponsored the 4th annual Story County Pork Producers Youth Grill-Off. This grill-off was held at the Story County Fairgrounds in Nevada, IA. This is a great opportunity for local 4-H and FFA Chapters to learn how to properly prepare pork.

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2019 National Pork Industry Conference

2019 National Pork Industry Conference

This year, Donna attended the 2019 National Pork Industry Conference. There she sat in on many seminars regarding the swine industry, which included topics about African Swine Fever, US pork industry, trade and labor issues, and fake meat. As a special bonus, Smithfield hosted a youth cookout.

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