PigCHAMP Mobile - the solution to saving you time and money in the barn and office

 PigCHAMP Mobile eliminates the need for writing down information in the barn and then re-entering that information into a computer program. Accurate information is entered once in the barn and easily available for analysis and reporting in the world's most powerful production software.

In independent trials, PigCHAMP Mobile decreased time for data entry by between 15-30% resulting in cost savings averaging $1.45/sow/year over operating cost.

  • data validation and ability to edit events at time of entry helps avoid costly mistakes and ensures data accuracy.
  • simple data entry using the hand-held touch screen or device keypad.
  • options to read standard RFID tags and bar codes for enhanced speed and accuracy. Watch a video.
  • provides performance reporting and individual sow histories, allowing you to make real-time decisions in the barn.
  • accommodates data entry for 48 individual events including animal movements, mating, farrowing, health treatments and batch arrivals.
  • access daily action lists in the barn, including: Sows Due for Attention, Open Sow List, Sows Due to Farrow and warning lists for Sows not Weaned or Sows not Served.
  • easily toggle between English, French and Spanish.

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