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PigCHAMP Media Center
PigCHAMP Welcomes  Customer Support Associate

Please join us in welcoming Shayleen Schalk to the PigCHAMP team as a Customer Service Associate. As a Customer Service Associate, she will be performing a wide variety of customer-facing assignments that provide value to the company and customers while developing a deep understanding of PigCHAMP products, how they work, and how they provide unique value to the pork industry.
Shayleen has a Bachelor of Animal Science Degree from Iowa State University and International Experience while doing course work at Henley College in England. Shayleen's experience working with biosecurity at sow and wean-to-finish farms while working at M2P2 and while doing swine research at ISU Veterinary Medicine, has given her the knowledge to make her an excellent addition to the PigCHAMP team.

PigCHAMP Selected to Run Two Canadian Trials

Ames, IA—PigCHAMP, Inc. has been selected as the technology provider in Canadian trials funded by grants administered by two provincial pork producer associations. In Alberta, PigCHAMP and PigCHAMP Mobile are being used to demonstrate that inter-premise movement of animals can be recorded electronically and the movement data can be sent electronically to the program administration database.
In Ontario, several producers are tracking the time and cost involved in keeping paper sow records and comparing it with PigCHAMP Mobile where data is collected on hand-held devices that synchronize data with the PigCHAMP Reproductive program.
Bob Brcka, General Manager at PigCHAMP, said “the PigCHAMP Mobile program is being used world-wide in various sizes of operations. The times savings we are seeing in data entry alone are remarkable. The PigCHAMP Mobile program already has the capability to track female movements, weaning events, as well as farm ID. It only makes sense to use the information already gathered on the farm for a national traceability program.
These trials are currently underway. Results are expected to be compiled and communicated later this year.
PigCHAMP, Inc. is a member of the Farms.com family and is based out of Ames, IA. 

Rensselaer Swine Services Expands PigCHAMP Offerings

“PigCHAMP has been an iconic brand in the swine industry for several decades” explains Dr. Tom Gillespie, owner and founder of Rensselaer Swine Services. “The current record keeping and analysis products offered by PigCHAMP are clearly the best management tools available to pork producers today to help manage and improve their operations.”

 Rensselaer Swine Services will continue to offer the traditional PigCHAMP application for sow reproductive operations as well as the new PigCHAMP Grow-Finish program that provides information and analysis reporting for finishing operations.

“We are pleased and proud to welcome Rensselaer Swine Services to our growing list of prominent clinics that are using PigCHAMP to enhance the core value of their health management and consulting services,” says Bob Brcka, General Manager of PigCHAMP.

“As a direct distributor of PigCHAMP,” Brcka continues, “Dr. Gillespie and his staff will be able to extend the value of their current bureau service by providing the PigCHAMP range of products directly to customers. This includes the traditional desktop applications as well as the “Pig On-line” service where customers can enter information and run reports on the Rensselaer PigCHAMP server through an internet connection and not need to have PigCHAMP software loaded on their computer.”

“We are excited about the new value opportunities that this partnership with PigCHAMP represents for us and our customers,” Dr. Gillespie notes. “Our on-line services will make the entire process of collecting data and turning it into profit-enhancing positive action in the barns much faster and more effective.”


 Comparing Calculations

Dr. John Mabry talks about the history of the calculations used for Litters per Sow per Year and Pigs Weaned per Sow per Year and how the calculations have changed over the years in a four part series.

Part I: The History of Litter per Sow per Year
Part II: Pigs Weaned per Sow per Year
Part III: What is Best? Actual or Optomistic
Part IV: Is More Better?
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Jayne Jackson Receives Women of Innovation Award

Jayne Jackson, Product Manager for PigCHAMP, a Farms.com Company was recently honored by the Technology Association of Iowa as the winner of the Iowa Women of Innovation Award for Small Business Innovation and Leadership. "We are all proud of Jayne and this well-deserved recognition" says Bob Brcka, PigCHAMP General Manager. "But the real winners are the pork producers who are benefiting from the hard work and dedication that Jayne brings to advancing the technology and value in the record keeping and analysis products she helps develop. Products like PigCHAMP Reproductive, PigCHAMP Mobile and the new PigCHAMP Grow-Finish applications are providing value and savings never seen before in the pork production industry. Being recognized for this leadership and innovation is a good indication of the key role that Jayne plays in moving the industry forward."

The award was presented the Iowa Women of Innovation Awards ceremony in Des Moines November 11, 2010.